Branded Cups: Collectible We Bare Bears Glass Mug with Purchase

Branded Cups

We Bare Bears is an American multinational animated series created by Daniel Chong for Cartoon Network. It is a popular series amongst kids, youths, and even adults for its cute characters. Take a look at this promotional gift with purchase that MARIGOLD has come up with for their products which we found in a Singaporean supermarket. Customers simply need to purchase any 1kg pack or 3 clusters of MARIGOLD Non-Fat Yoghurt or 2 x 700 MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink. This entitles them to any one of the 3 differently designed branded cups, leaving customers spoiled for choice.

Why Branded Cups?

Branded cups prove extremely effective in raising awareness. Upon receiving a branded cup, customers do all the marketing work for the company voluntarily. Adorable cups like these are a source of joy to all and make whatever is in the cup taste so much better. Customers who use this at their workplace are effectively advertising your brand to their colleagues and everyone they meet. Those who use this at home are constantly reminded of the brand. This encourages customers to purchase more products from the brand as a result.

Branded Cups

Simple, cheap, and effective marketing strategy, branded cups help a company boost its brand awareness. Here is how you can get such a powerful promotional tool for your company.

1. Design

The first step to manufacturing a branded cup is by coming up with a design. Designs can vary from something simple to something extremely intricate. For instance, MARIGOLD incorporates the characters in We Bare Bears, which are beloved by children and adults. By attaching a popular character to the cup, it helps the brand connect the shoppers on an emotional level. Furthermore, design plays an important role in appealing to customers to purchase a product for the gift with purchase. For instance, many brands have collaborated in marketing strategies with licensed characters such as Hello Kitty, Mashimaro, Ultraman, Groovy Chick, Miffy. 

2. Customisation and Printing

It is important for a company to differentiate its promotional products from its competitors. Hence, customisation plays a big part in building a powerful promotional tool. Printing a company logo or by using colours or images allows customers to instantly associate your brand with the product. Furthermore, printing something that appeals to a target customer group can attract more customers. An example would be customising a kids promotional product which would appeal to children.

3. Finding a vendor

The best way to creating your own branded cups is through a vendor that complete all processes inhouse. This saves companies time as they would cancel out the processes between ideating and delivering it to the company’s warehouse. At The ODM Group, we provide services from sketch design to prototyping to manufacturing and we would be happy to help you.

Were you inspired by We Bare Bears and MARIGOLD’s collaboration? Would you like to have a professionally-designed branded cup, too? Then, get in touch with our team today. The ODM Group has years of expertise sourcing items from China for clients all over the world, as well as providing innovative and professional promotional gifts with purchase similar to shown in the images above. Check out our blogs on promo gifts for other great case studies on this topic. We can help you design and manufacture branded cups, branded bags and other promotional gift with purchase items. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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