Hello Kitty brushes her teeth? But…… she does not have a mouth!!

Do you remember those days as a kid, where you found daily teeth brushing such a chore, and took up much of your poor parents energy. Maybe now, as a parent yourself, how are you encouraging your own children to keep up this daily practice? Over the weekend, we found this amazing promotion by Darlie in collaboration with Sanrio for marketing children’s products. Here, we will take a look at how Darlie marketed their toothpaste, with a character who famously does not have a mouth!

How Darlie used Hello Kitty as a way of marketing children’s products

Instead of usual marketing strategies like gift with purchase, Darlie dedicated their efforts into a collaboration with Sanrio to produce a promotional theme. Not only did they create a themed POS Display, they also made a promotional packaging design for both the outer packaging and inner packaging!

POS Display

With large pictures of the Sanrio characters Hello Kitty and My Melody printed, this POS display can easily catch the eye of shoppers. Furthermore, the low shelves have various different images that clearly display the rows of the products, and are the perfect height to attract the attention of children who walk past it.

In addition, plastic mockups of the actual product were put on display. On top of being an economical choice since no actual products need to be opened as testers, plastic is also very easy to clean. Among the shelves of regular products, this custom POS display definitely stands out and will be able to get the attention it deserves!

Outer Packaging

The outer packaging has the Hello Kitty image on it for buyers to bring home. However, there is an interesting discovery for people to make. The full Hello Kitty image is only revealed through lining up two different sides of the package together! We absolutely love how the interactive packaging is not only fun, but also encourages the purchase of two units at once. Then, children will be able to put them together at home. In fact, there is a promotional price for 2 units as well!

Inner Packaging

Of course, not everyone keeps the outer packaging. Be it to save space or getting damaged along the way, it is not often that children can keep an outer packaging in a pristine condition. But fret not, as the inner packaging of the toothpaste tube is themed too! As a result, teeth brushing will always be exciting for children who will get to see the character they love.

Benefits of collaborating with a licensed brand

Sanrio is a popular brand known for their Japanese “kawaii” cartoon characters. As a matter of fact, not only do children love this brand, there is a sizable adult fanbase and collectors. Most adults have had some exposure to Hello Kitty growing up, and this promotion will certainly evoke some nostalgia.

Darlie’s marketing strategy of using licensed merchandising to promote their brand is a brilliant way of attracting kids and convincing parents to purchase impulsively. All these factors surely drove up Darlie’s sales. Marketing children’s products has never been easier!

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Can I used a licensed brand without obtaining their approval?

No you cannot. It is an infringement of copyright laws.

How can my company collaborate with a licensed brand?

You will have to contact them directly and request to work together.