Recently, we have spotted some very interesting and colorful in-pack giveaways for toothpaste companies in Zhuhai, China. Let’s take a look at them in this article to see why this kind of in-pack gift is very effective with children.

Colorful on pack promotion with plastic glass

Colorful in-pack giveaways of a toothpaste brand with plastic glass

Effect of in-pack giveaways on kids

Different surveys show that kids have a strong recall of advertising or promotions, especially those with a lot of colors, funny characters or happy songs. As a result, when kids are attracted by advertising or promotions that they have seen, they are interested in trying them and they often ask parents to purchase them. That’s the reason why in-pack giveaways are very effective with children. Kids always want to turn boring habits into funny games. Take, for example, these toothpaste marketing promotions; they developed different funny plastic items to customize toothbrushes and funny plastic tumblers. Those items draw the attention of children in an impressive way since they are very colorful with funny characters. Furthermore, kids love free gifts!

Colorful on pack promotion with plastic toy and a toothbrush

Colorful In-Pack Giveaways with plastic toy and a toothbrush

Key Steps to Creating an Effective In-Pack Giveaways to Draw the Attention of Children

The first step is to identify properly what kind of promotion you want to launch. Understand if you want to develop a different design for the same promotion such as pink one for girls or blue ones for boys. You have to ask yourself relevant questions: what product would I want to promote? How can I target kids with my promotion?

The second step is to develop a unique item with a distinct character or with a lot of colors. You may find inspiration within your brand for cool graphic design ideas. Develop an item that will help children to add fun to daily chores or something which they could play with.

On pack promotion with a toothbrush

In-Pack Giveaways with a toothbrush

Once you’ve designed the item to put in your on-pack promotion, you have to create a catchy promotional packaging design. Colorful plastic packaging designs are commonly used since the clear material showcases the products really well. In addition, they are fairly inexpensive to produce. However, with green marketing becoming popular nowadays, you should also consider utilizing more eco-friendly packaging options such as bio-PET packaging. Doing so will help your brand make a positive impression on customers.

The fourth step is to set the correct price. The goal of this on-pack promotion is to attract kids, so the price doesn’t have to be too high since parents have to purchase it.

Finally, the most important step is to select the right channel to reach children. Children are not supposed to have access to smartphones, so the main channel to target children is the television between the “children hours.” Moreover, the idea behind those on-pack promotions is also to put some eye-catchy custom store displays to draw customer attention.


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