The world produces over 300 million tonnes of plastic in a year but only recycle 10% of it. The other 90% ends up in landfills or in the ocean, polluting ecosystems and taking centuries to decompose. The most common types of plastics used for packaging are PET, PVC and PS. These plastic materials can take over 500 years to degrade.Therefore, to be more environmentally-friendly, it is time for your company to produce and use Bio-PET packaging!

What is Bio-PET and How are They Eco-Friendly?

Bio-PET is a form of biodegradable plastic. Manufacturers produce Bio-PET packaging using plant-based resin such as sugar cane. Since the product is natural, it will decompose naturally back into the environment without any harmful by-products.Additionally, products made of Bio-PET can be recycled multiple times. Thereby, reducing the amount of plastic wastes and resources needed to produce new ones.

In addition, like PET, Bio-PET is a strong and versatile material. It can be used to produce a variety of products such as water, soda bottles and custom food packaging. Moreover, it is a perfect alternative for packaging materials such as blister packs.

Bio-PET Packaging

Go Green with Bio-PET Packaging – Blister Pack

Check out an example below of a finalised blister pack that was made out of Bio-PET:

Go Green with Bio-PET Packaging

Go Green with Bio-PET Packaging – Blister Pack

Why Should Your Company use Bio-PET Packaging?

  • Gain Consumer Support: As consumers are becoming more environmentally-conscious, they will likely support businesses that use eco-friendly products. As a corporate socially responsible company, you will attract more consumers in the long-run.
  • Improves Your Brand Image: With a green approach to doing business, it will help improve the reputation of your company. With a polished public image, your business will experience major success!
  • Reduce Overall Costs: It is true that Bio-PET can be slightly more expensive than conventional plastic. However, businesses can recycle the material multiple times without having to produce new ones. Thus, reducing production and waste management costs.
  • Sustainability: By having a lower environmental impact, the sustainability of your business will improve. Furthermore, reducing reliance on resources such as oil will provide your business with an advantage over your competitors. Therefore, your business will have a greater chance of long-term success.


In summary, it is good for your business to use packaging materials made of Bio-PET. It is time for your business to not only go green but also boosting sales! Ultimately, you will see your business grow in the long-run.

Interested in eco-friendly products? We can help you find suitable, reputable suppliers that can help you supply Bio-PET packaging. The suppliers that we are working with are credible with API and ISO certifications. Contact Us Now!


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