If you’re looking for graphic design ideas that dive off the shelf, then take a look at this promotional notepads by Tic Tac. we love how they used their mascots to get their message across. Not only are they fun to look at, but mascots give life to their branding.

Graphic Design Ideas

Graphic Design Ideas

Tic Tac is encouraging their customers to express themselves more with their mint candy and branded promotional notepad. The leaves feature Tic Tac characters along with expressions such as  “Great!” and “I Love It.”

These custom promotional giveaways for business are trendy and useful especially for students, clients, and office workers. Recipients can use them to take down notes, list shopping items, jot down to-do activities, and write reminders.


Graphic Design Ideas: Why Tic Tac’s Use brand Mascots is Effective

  • Great Choice of Design: The drawings at the bottom part of each leaf represent different moods and feelings, can be a fun way to express oneself.
Graphic Design Ideas

Graphic Design Ideas

  • The Use of Mascots Reinforces Brand Recall: Mascots are essential in effective branding as they serve as a reminder of their purchase and the positive experience associated with it. In addition, a custom retail merchandise with mascots as their primary design creates brand awareness better than when they only feature the brand name.

One of the brands that had success in branding with the use of mascots is M&M’s. Everyone knows these characters and seeing their merchandise motivates them to buy their chocolates before checkout.


  • Creates a More Personal Connection: Mascots serve as the face of your business. And because people get easily attached to anthropomorphic objects, we can relate to the brand better and trust them in return. In essence, the mascot creates a more genial relationship with customers. As a result, it keeps the brand on top of shoppers’ mind.
Graphic Design Ideas

Graphic Design Ideas


Aside from their cool graphic design, customers also love the fact that Tic Tac has given away a product that they can use every day. Here’s why Tic Tac’s use of notepad is a good marketing tactic

4 Benefits of Promotional Notepad for Your Branding Campaign

Cost-Effective: Unlike other custom promotional merchandise and marketing tools,  a promotional notepad can be fairly inexpensive. You can reap invaluable and long-lasting advertising benefits at a minimal cost. Invest your leftover marketing budget in high-quality paper products to put across your brand message. This will help you gain tremendous brand exposure for little cost.

Excellent Brand Exposure: Giving away promotional notepads as personalized employee gifts leaves a favorable impression on employees and clients.

Promotional Stationery Sets are Practical: As a business promotional gift, these items are a great way to make a brand be seen. They are ideal for school and business settings. As seen in the photos, there are 4 notepads of different sizes, perfect for bite-size reminders and scribbles.

Connects With Target Market: The notepad set certainly leaves a lasting impression to customers. The front cover, “Things to Smile About” is a great reminder for customers to take time to jot down the good things that had happened to them. And true to their mission of creating fresh moments, Tic Tac is encouraging people to smile more and be confident in expressing themselves.

Graphic Design Ideas

Graphic Design Ideas

Why Work With Us…

This is what we learned from our example: Practical Gifts + Awesome Graphic Designs = Effective Promotional Products that truly stand out.

The use of mascots as the main design for your merchandise creates stronger relationship with customers, gives your business a face they can trust, and conveys your message clearly.

Designing promotional products can be a rather daunting task, that is why our Mindsparkz team is here to help you out. We can help you come up with meaningful graphic design ideas for your promotional gifts and marketing products. If you have ideas on mind, we can help transform your 2D sketches to 3D. Our in-house product designers offer a wide range of services such as graphic, web, and product design. We also offer retainer program that could provide virtual in-house design services. Speak with our team today to learn more about the creative process.


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