Echo Falls has an “indulgent treat” for their customers. They are offering a free wine glass and 3 Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles as on pack promo gifts along with a bottle of White Zinfandel. We like their simple and neat customized packaging design as the color and the overall look suit their brand image well. The simplicity of the packaging allows customers to focus more on the products on offer.

Customized Packaging Design

Customized Packaging Design

On pack promotions are a widely used strategy for marketing drinks. This is because liquor beverages and wine are quite pricey getting free items makes customers feel they are getting more than what they pay for. So, when customers buy this promotional gift set by Echo Falls, they’ll feel they are in for a great treat! And what better way to make an interesting first impression than using eye-catching and meaningful customized packaging design?

We’ve listed below easy tips to help you create a standout gift box packaging for your business.


3 Hacks for a Customized Packaging Design that Sells

  1. Colors: Echo Falls used hues of pink and peach to describe the taste of their product. In essence, the color appealed to the senses even when the customers haven’t tasted the wine yet.

Our Suggestion: While it’s good to stick with your brand colors, experimenting with bold hues can also be a good thing. But make sure that that the colors and imageries relate back to the product itself. Here’s an interesting case study on Passion’s vibrant custom packaging design to give you an idea how to use vibrant hues for your packaging.


2. Typography Conveys Feelings: Fonts can influence buying behavior. “Indulgent Treat” is large enough to be seen within a few feet. In addition, the cursive font connotes fluidity and happy feelings.

According to studies, the typeface used in marketing copy and books helps strengthen our message. The color and size should be legible so that customers can see what you’re offering.

3. Be Transparent: The cut out in Echo Falls gives customers a glimpse of what they offer. And this can help build trust.

Aside from your customized packaging design, customer incentives in the form of on pack merchandise, give shoppers more reason to support your brand.

A Custom Wine glass can be a practical and excellent promotional add-on. However, many brands have done this before. To differentiate your brand from the rest, why not include:

  • Cheese Board and Wine Dispenser to improve their drinking experience? Moreover, they’re brandable, presenting you unlimited branding opportunities.


  • Promotional wine charms to accessorize wine glasses and bottles. These are perfect for corporate parties and bar promotions.


  • Or how about a wine opener? This is a practical gift that you can customize with acid etching for permanent markings.


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