The method of using acid etching to have logos branded on metal items is quite common. ODM would like to share some of the knowledge accumulated overtime on our research and factory visits for QC on this branding method.  Some examples… metal tags, knife sets, wine buckets or any stainless steel items.

Etching metal with acid produces an interesting artistic effect, with the end product displays an interesting design. This is due to the acid’s ability to eat away the metal. The process of metal acid etching is to fix a design or picture on a piece of metal with heat-fused ink and submerging the metal in an acid bath.

The result of the acid eating away at any exposed metal is a raised design and receded background. It is a fairly simple process that needs no special tools but produces a very professional brand outlook on a metal product.

Other branding methods:

Silk Screen Printing (Smooth surfaces). More commonly used by companies. Printing method is fast and usually not limited in terms of size and design complexity.

Laser Engraving (Metal products). Offers a higher perceived value by customers. Serves as a good branding method especially on corporate products.

Pad Printing (Small plastic and metal items). An ideal means of branding logos and images to provide excellent colour and detail on small, hard or unusually shaped items. The most effective way of applying up to 4 colour process onto flat, curved or recessed areas.

Embossing / Hot Foil Blocking (Plastic, leather, rubber, metal, carbon fiber, glass, ceramic and wood). Embossing literally punches your logo into the material you are branding. There are two types of embossing: Blind embossed and foil blocked whereby blind embossed is without basically colourless and foil blocked where a coloured foil is pushed into the material at the time of embossing.

Although not frequently used, the acid etching process can definitely be helpful in branding metallic items for a low price.   Thinking of branding your items – contact us and we will get them started.

Have any other comments regarding these methods?  Feel free to leave us a comment.