Impress your customers with a promotional cutlery set! Like other popular marketing products, you can also get creative with the design. Just take a look at these examples.

Promotional Cutlery Set

Promotional Cutlery Set

As you can see, these cutleries have quirky shapes and designs. The odd shapes and cute designs are a fresh deviation from the usual embellishments. Of course, you can also make sleek and stylish ones for a more professional look. If you want your products designed in-house, you can speak with out Mindsparkz team to learn more about the creative processes involved.

If you are keen to promote your brand in a distinctive way, why not offer customers or gift your employees with something that looks fun yet high utility such as these quirky shaped cutleries?

Why Promotional Cutlery?

There are many reasons to invest in high quality promotional cutlery sets. Here are some of them;

  1. Boost Venue Marketing– Promoting your restaurant or bar and you need something to go with your products? A branded cutlery set could be a fantastic way to promote your company.
  2. Augment On Pack Promotions– Cutleries will make great on-pack offer for food products. Quirky designs will certainly catch customer attention. As a marketer, you can opt for kiddie cutleries to go with cereals, milk, and baby food.
  3. Build Relationships With Business Partners: Stylish cutleries would also make great corporate gifts for clients and employees. Customers/clients are more likely to keep promotional products that are useful to them. For this reason, your brand becomes an integral art of their every day life.
  4. Incentivize Customers: What better way to inspire loyalty and customer retention than offering incentives shoppers? Rewards such as these promotional branded cutlery can be a great way to drive impulse purchases as the urgency attached to these promotions pushes them to make a decision right away.
  5. Upsell Products:

Cutleries can be made out of silver, stainless, wood, plastic and silicone or a combination of these materials. But stainless and silver are the most popular material of choice. This is because they look aesthetic, easy to clean, and are hygienic.

In this blog, we will share with you a quick guide on how to manufacture a promotional cutlery set, bottle openers, and vegetable peelers.


Promotional Cutlery Set – The Manufacturing Process

1. Blanking and Stamping: Firstly, manufacturers will make sheets of stainless steel, alloy, or silver called “blanks.” These blank sheets of metal are then cut thick enough to fit in the stamping machine. Once ready, they are put in the stamping machine to create an outline.

2.Rolling: In this stage, the blanks are rolled to achieve the desired thickness. Each piece will undergo series of rolling and then cropped to its shape. Rolling ensures that the blanks are even and thick enough to resist bending.

3. Shaping: After rolling the blanks repeatedly, each cutlery will be cut, trimmed, and pressed to give them their unique shape and embellishments. For spoons, blanks are placed in a machine press to transform the head into a scoop. Forks are trimmed to remove excess metal then it is placed in a machine press that carves the tines. Shaping the knives involve a lot of heating, pressing, and machine work.  Meanwhile the blade undergoes annealing to soften the metal. Afterwards, it is placed in a press to cut to outline and passed through annealing furnace again to harden. After a series of heating, pressing, and cutting, the blades will then be washed to remove dirt and attached to its handle. The handle is made out of two hollow parts joined together and filled with sand to add weight to it.

4.Final Touches: For the final stage, the cutleries will be washed, buffed, and polished.


Designing Custom Peelers and Bottle Openers

The manufacturing process may be different for these products. So here’s a quick rundown of how custom peelers are made:

Promotional Cutlery Set

Promotional Cutlery Set

  1. Materials – The blades are made from food-grade aluminum. They need to undergo tempering to make the blades durable and corrosion-resistant.
  2. Cleaning and Polishing – The blades are washed to remove any dust or excess metals then polished to
  3. Sharpening – Each bade will be mounted on a computer-controlled edge grinding machine to sharpen the edges of each blade.
  4. Assembling – The final step will be to assemble all the parts.


How about bottle openers? Custom bottle openers are an essential bar and kitchen tool. They are functional and portable that they are perfect for outdoor gatherings. They are tempered and forged in order to be transformed into custom shapes and also to ensure that each of the items are durable and corrosion-resistant. Forging is the process where metal is shaped by hammering, rolling, or pressing.


In Conclusion…

If you need a flexible yet functional promotional gifts for your customers and clients, why not offer a set of quirky cutleries and other kitchen utensils? You can also use them for your coffee shop and restaurant.

So contact ODM today to learn more about how we can help you design and source promotional products such as these promotional cutlery sets. If you are interested in this product, quote product code 2546 and our merchandisers will assist you.


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