We found this promotional cutlery set at SM Foodcourt and we certainly love this promotional product idea! They are offering diners free promotional cutlery set for a minimum single-receipt purchase at any of the food stalls.

Eco-promotions are gaining traction nowadays. More and more retail stores are discovering new alternatives to single use plastic bags, plastic food and beverage containers, and disposable cutlery. This promotional cutlery helps a lot in minimising the use of single-use plastic wares when you’re out for a picnic, travelling, or even with your regular lunch breaks at work.

Promotional Cutlery: 4 Marketing Benefits of This Giveaway

Promotional Cutlery: 4 Marketing Benefits of This Giveaway

Why Should Your Brand Consider Promotional Cutlery to Promote Your Brand?

  • Enhance Brand Image – Your choice of promotional products says a lot about your brand. Using eco-friendly marketing products will certainly improve your brand image. People will view your brand as one that cares about the environment. This positive feedback attracts more customers and supporters.
  • Comes in Various DesignsPromotional spoons and forks are easy to customise. You may have it in your own fun design or stick with the regular design and change the size, colour, etc. The only limit is your imagination. Just ensure that your designs do not impede the products’ functionality. It would be better if you can use sustainable materials to make your promotional cutlery. Biodegradable materials such as cornstarch and bamboo are excellent choices. Check out this innovative custom cornstarch spoons and why you should consider this item for marketing your brand:
  • Cost-effective – Production cost is probably the most important aspect to consider when running any marketing campaign. Brand marketers should always consider their marketing budget before venturing in any marketing activities. Fortunately, a promotional cutlery set is fairly inexpensive to produce, which means businesses will gain maximum advertising benefits while keeping production costs low.
  • Brand Exposure Beyond Shop Floors – As customers will surely use the cutlery in a regular basis, this means unlimited exposure for the brand. SM has branded both the spoon and fork with their logo which is great since customers will be reminded of their great shopping experience every time they use the products. This ensures extended brand visibility outside shopping stores. The cutlery set come in a branded case, thus making this a fantastic customer giveaway.

In conclusion, SM has definitely gain maximum branding exposure through their promotional cutlery. It’s reusable so it really helps reduce the use of disposable cutlery. This is a good marketing idea as this not only paints their company in a positive light, but it also inspires other retail companies to do the same.

It’s really important to properly plan your next marketing move. You should always consider the pros and cons of a product so if you’d like to create your own sustainable promotional products, please feel free to contact the ODM team anytime. We have extensive experience in the promotional product industry. Our team can help source, design, and manufacture excellent custom promotional products and marketing gifts for business.


Eco-friendly Products

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