Forbidden since 1915 in France, Absinthe has made a come back in September thanks to new legislation and changes to the original recipe.  Absinthe is an alcohol brand with unique taste and iconic ritual.  This makes for an exceptional opportunity to target the tourist and local market.  Unique gifts with purchase to tie in with history and culture are always sure to be a winner. To promote its brand, Absente offers this traditional spoon as an on-pack promo with each bottle.

The spoon is used to hold a sugar cube over which ice-cold water is poured to dilute the absinthe.  You can customize the spoon in any shape from random artwork to something more representative like your logo or the Eiffel tower below.

This spoon will accompany every moment dedicated to the tasting of absinthe and thus be reused many times. In bars and restaurants, it will fully be part of the bartender routine.