Here is attractive Packaging Promotion by Hung Fook Tong in Hong Kong.  The bottle-necker packaging allows the drink product to stand out from other beverages on the aisles.  The paper sticking out grabs your  attention.

Labels printed on the paper give a brief introduction on the promotion to arouse the consumer curiosity.  The licensed Characters get people picking up the bottle to check out the promotion even before they decide to purchase.

The Promotional Mechanism gets clients visiting the herbal tea website to register for a lucky draw competition.   Prizes include:

In exchange for advertising the launch of Mr and Mrs Incredible Movie, Hung Fook Tong are presumably getting cheap or free tickets to the show.

This is a great win-win scenario for this promotional campaign and it ties in with other co-branding examples lately….

By attracting consumers to visit their website, it will allow the brand to get to know their key customers and demographic, to activate their social media campaigns and to advertise their latest promotions.