If you are a tea lover, you will love this promotion!

Lock & Lock, a famous brand for air & liquid tight containers is holding an in-pack promotion in Trust-Mart, China. Simply purchase this promotional set and you will receive a free 690ml Tea Bottle with Stainless Tea Strainer.

Lock & Lock Promotion Set - Lunch Box and Tea Bottle

This promotional Tea Bottle is one of the best sellers among Lock & Lock products, making it a great addition to your Lock & Lock collection. We love incentive products, especially innovative promotional gifts that are of high quality which increases the perceived value of the promotion. ODM thinks that this promotional pack is value for money and will entice people to purchase more, driving the sales of Lock and Lock products! Other than its recognized branding, this portable promotional item is convenient, leak proof and strong enough to withstand heat.

On top of that, don’t you think this promotional product is a perfect complement to the lunch box?

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