Baskins – Robbins Promo Display

ODM staff made a recent trip to Seoul, South Korea to get a better understanding of the promotional products market there. One apparent favorite the Koreans prefer is the Lock & Lock storage containers (known for its four-sided interlocking system), available in various forms to create promotional synergy.

We love these Lock & Lock containers because:

  • Food Storage Solution – Keeping food fresher for so much longer
  • Air-tight & Liquid-tight
  • Stackable
  • Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer Safe
  • Keeping Things Organized

One particular Lock & Lock container which caught our eye – Baskins – Robbins, global chain of ice-cream parlours, is currently running a PWP promotion. For every purchase of ice-cream pint + 1000Won, customers are able receive this convenient Lock & Lock pint! A very worthy deal indeed…

This pint can be reused multiple times to store ice cream from BR and be placed in the freezer for long time consumption. The airtight seal reduces thermal transmission which translates to slower rate of melting – carrying ice cream around has never been easier!

Top Tip:  Using such a securely fastening device ties in to promotional themes of safety / protection.

BR’s Lock & Lock Pint garners attention with its chic design

Practicality aside, the aesthetics of this Lock & Lock pint is a winner; adorned with its signature colours and logo maximizes brand visibility and exposure. Delightful colour contrast makes it a must have for BR fans and ice cream lovers alike..

More Lock & Lock promos from Korea coming up, so keep reading to find out how they are being used..

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