Promotional Cereal Bowl on-pack

Following our recent blog on Kellogg’s GWP campaign in Hong Kong, Kellogg’s Korea also reflected the same on-pack promo idea – cereal bowls.

Spotted in Lotte Mart, a famous chain of supermarkets in Korea, Kellogg’s is reusing this success formula. The difference?

Kellogg’s Korea believes in illustrating the colours of its rich flavours to whet the morning appetite – the bowl is made transparent. Not compromising on branding, Tony the Tiger, Frosties’ mascot is being imprinted on the middle. We always love a minimalist design..

Cereal Bowls waiting to be attached

Cereal bowls are amongst the most practical promotional products that cereal brands can offer; Kellogg’s understands this well. With a wide array of cereals and hearty snacks under its brand, the cereal bowl can be shared across its many sub-brands since it serves the same purpose (a very cost effective strategy for mass manufacture).

The same cereal bowl can be shared across other sub-brands

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