Make sure to include cereals giveaways in your next promotions!

General Mills, the global food company, recently launched their new Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch Cereal. To increase awareness of this product, they gave out some promotional packs!

Amazing the impact these kind of cereals giveaways can have in customer perceptions right?! We need to make sure they come come back to us over and over again.

Cocoa Puffs Cereals Giveaways from General Mills

Cocoa Puffs Cereals Giveaways from General Mills

What does this cereals giveaways promotion include this time?

This promotional gift consists of a frisbee and 2 on-the-go containers. These promotional items go well as On-Pack Promos and they offer a lot of room for branding.

As seen above, printing of logo stands out distinctively and this would lead to high brand recall.

On-the-go Containers used as cereal giveaways

On-the-go Containers used as cereal giveaways

We really like the customized containers. They had a foldable spoon that is attached to the lid. In addition, the 2 tier container is perfect for travel. Milk can be stored on the lower part and silicon material prevents unnecessary spilling. Cocoa puffs can then be stored at the top, making it a perfect breakfast cereal!

Containers are great promotional products and complement the point of cereals giveaways as they can be used over and over again for food storage. Imprinting your logo reminds consumers about your brand every time they use it. It is also an excellent form of marketing and advertising.

See below for more promo by other cereal companies that can be used as cereals giveaways.  ODM love breakfast !!

If you are looking for something unique for cereals giveaways, why not contact our design team to make an outstanding brainstorming session?