Promotions always get customers excited, whether if it’s getting a discount or getting a free gift with purchase. It entices consumers to walk towards your brand instead of competing brands, helping you gain a competitive advantage. Many brands will offer promotional items when consumers purchase their products to drive sales and it has always been a success.

One great example is this on-pack promotional gift by Nissin Cup Noodles. When consumers purchase cup noodles or chips, they will be given a branded promotional flask as an on-pack gift.


In this blog, we will discuss the promotional campaign that General Mills Canada has been having. They are giving away free promotional towels as a summer promotional item as an incentive for customers buying their cereals. T0 redeem this the branded promotional towels, customers have to simply visit the promotional website and insert the unique pin number found on their cereal box with a mailing address.

Printed with colorful designs of various General Mills brands such as Pillsbury and Cheerios, the towels are great for advertising General Mills cereal. Giving away these custom branded towels also expresses General Mills as a health-conscious brand and that they promote healthy lifestyles and outdoor activities.

This promotion is only limited to 350,000 pieces until 10th October while stock lasts. Due to the limited quantity and time, consumers are quick to purchase the cereals and redeem their free promotional gift. Thus, this summer campaign has generated much participation and sales. This is a very effective way to advertise and push your promotional campaign.

As of 15th August 2011, General Mills ran out of towels to give away, making it a huge success and showing the power of promotional products.


How can ODM help?

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