There are more than 1,500 observances days in a year, and one that caught our attention is National Spinach Day – March 26th. Why not capitalize on this celebration to promote your brand and bring customers to your store? One splendid marketing scheme is to include Promotional Gifts with Purchase. But since so many brands are offering the same marketing gifts all the time, it’s necessary to incorporate fun and interesting Promotional Gift Designs to gain a competitive advantage.

Promotional Gift Designs

Promotional Gift Designs


A great example of an excellent promotional gift design is the custom printed headphones as shown below. Such high value and highly customisable promotional gift design will definitely intrigue your audience. This will lead to a higher purchase rate and drives impulse purchases. The headphones come in different colors and designs, perfect for quirky observance days. They can be used as GWPs or purchase with purchase item along with tech products.


Before we begin, let’s find out more about Spinach and why it is one of the most bought vegetables in America.

Spinach is made popular by the iconic cartoon Popeyes. Being one of the most delicious and nutritious greens in the world, spinach is at the top of the super food list. Here is why people love the vegetable so much. Spinach is very nutritious – containing low calories with multiple vitamins and minerals. This is the perfect food for those who are appearance and health conscious!


How to create the perfect Promotional Gift Designs:

  1. First of all, it is crucial to identify your target market. This will then allow you to create the perfect promotional gift design for your target audience. For example, if your marketing to children,  Custom Promotional Plush Toys are ideal to successfully grab their attention. If your market are generally teenagers, Custom Promotional Mobile Phone Holders or Covers would be great to get them interested in your brand. Lastly, if you are targeting the middle-aged and above, you can giveaway useful daily necessities such as lunch boxes or thermal flasks.
  2. Brainstorming- After deciding what kind of Promotional Products you’re going to use, it is time to brainstorm some amazing branded promotional product designs! Make your promotional products as eye-catching as possible. Spice up these Promotional Gifts with meaningful and relevant designs!
  3. Sketching and Production: Designing may take quite a lot of time depending on the complexity of the design.  It involves a lot of revisions until we achieve the best promotional product design. As such, it’s necessary to partner with professionals such as Mindsparkz, who can help you from designing all the way through the actual manufacturing stage.

So, are you ready to create the best promotional product designs for National Spinach Day? Check out these cool custom promotional merchandise ideas for inspiration:


Custom Promotional Plush Toys

Using Promotional plush toys or mascots as a promotional gift for National Spinach Day can be an effective method to teach kids the importance of eating vegetables. Because they serve as the face of your brand, plush toys and mascots can easily connect your brand to your audience.

Promotional Gift Designs 1

Promotional Gift Designs 1


Keen on producing plush toys for your business? It is important to use materials that do not trap dust easily so that it would be safer for children to play around with it.

For starters, brands can design their plush toys in the shape of spinach, Popeyes, or a cup of green juice. You can have a built-in speaker for consumers to connect via Bluetooth or a voice recording feature. Also, ensure that your plush toys are outstanding and eye-catching to grab the attention of consumers.



Custom Promotional Keychains:

Keychains don’t always have to be plain and boring. You can add a built-in torch light or create a LED keychain that is trendy and attention-grabbing. The small keychain ornament can be a fantastic walking advertisement for your company. Make sure that your promotional gift design includes your brand name or logo to create greater brand impact.

Promotional Gift Designs 2

Promotional Gift Designs 2

How does it tie with National Spinach Day? You may want to create spinach and veggie shaped keychains, or print an animated spinach picture on the keychains to observe this quirky holiday.


Custom Promotional Phone Accessories:

Everyone today owns a phone. Sleek and trendy custom phone accessories are always in demand. Consumers are constantly looking for new ways to style their favourite device – Phone skins, phone covers, custom phone grips, etc. With fashionable and stylish designs, you are sure to attract a crowd and boost your sales! How can you do so? A built-in maze at the back of a phone case that users can play is intriguing for some, and a glow-in-the-dark phone case can be appealing to others. Below is a great example of a unique phone holder:

Food Containers

Those who would purchase spinach tend to be those who are health conscious. This means that they would prefer to bring their hearty home-cooked meals for lunch/dinner. If that’s the case, food containers would work perfectly!

Promotional Gift Designs 3

Promotional Gift Designs 3

Thermal Lunch Boxes is perfect for those who bring their meals out as it will keep their food warm for a period of time. Thermal Lunch Boxes are not cheap if purchased individually, therefore, this is a better incentive for consumers to purchase from you. To make the Promotional Product Design even better, you can include a mini set of utensils that can fit nicely in a small compartment of the lunch box.

The above ideas and examples are great for you to implement in your next brand promotions. Don’t forget to notify your customers by intensely promoting through social media sites, in-store displays, and POP displays. After putting in all effort to present the perfectly Designed Promotional Gifts, it is extremely crucial that they reach your customers. This will generate buzz and in turn, raise brand visibility.


How Can ODM Help You Create Relevant Promotional Product Designs?

Interested in creating your very own unique and eye-catching Promotional Gifts? Contact ODM now! Our experienced product designers will be able to provide fun and interesting ideas for you to wow your audience. On top of that, our specialists will be able to assist you every step of the process to ensure a pleasant experience. Aside from Promotional Gifts, we are also able to help you design and manufacture custom promotional products and product packaging.

Send us an email to get a quote. The product code for promotional stuffed toys is 2361; branded keychains 487; and food containers 177.


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