LED promotional gifts are all the rage these days! With their bright colors and flashy displays, such custom promotional products are sure to be well received by your customers because they look fun and interesting! At the same time, these items will surely make a bold and memorable statement on behalf of your company!


Consider these LED Promotional Gifts!

Firstly, why not consider offering your customers some accessories? These accessories are pretty standard items such as sunglasses, hats, and bracelets with the added flair of the LED lights.


LED Sunglasses

Custom Branded Sunglasses - LED Sunglasses

LED Promotional Gift Idea – LED Sunglasses

Take these shutter sunglasses for example; they are regular sunglasses with a twist. In the day, they can be worn as regular sunglasses. However once the day turns to night, one can simply activate the LED function and the shades will turn into an awesome accessory for an amazing night out!

Product Code: ODM-447


LED Caps

 LED Baseball Cap

LED Promotional Gift Idea – LED Baseball Cap

These caps are really cool as well! With a strip of LED lights at the rim of the cap, this cap will definitely be a lovely addition to one’s cap collection. It can also be useful for those last night runners as it will make them visible in the dark. Simply put on the cap and head for a run, the strip of light will allow oncoming vehicles to see you and this can prevent accidents from taking place.

Product Details

LED Baseball Cap

LED Promotional Gift Idea  – LED Baseball Cap

  • Size: 58cm
  • Material: 100%cotton
  • IncludesCR2032 button battery

LED Watches

LED Watch

LED Watch

Now for some delicious looking arm candy, LED watches are trendy, stylish and perfect for all the young at heart. The watches come in a wide variety of colors and you will definitely find a color that suits your brand image! Watches are extremely practical gifts that will be well received by everyone as they are perceived to have a high utility value.


LED Pulse Bands

LED Pulse Band

LED Pulse Band

These pulse bands are made out of silicone and can stretch to accommodate any wrist size! They also contain 2 LED lights that are sensitive to slight vibrations and will light up! There are many occasions one can sport these bands such as for a night out in the clubs or for jogging at night!

They are also great to have at concerts and clubs!

LED Bands

LED Bands

One can also consider giving away T-shirts that light up, read this article below to find out more about this product:


Household Items

LED Pillows

LED Promotional Gifts

LED Promotional Gifts

These LED promotional gift pillows are decorative, comfortable and extremely cool to have! The internal light source can continuously change colors giving out a cool glow. This is a great item for interior decoration and is sure to attract the attention of others during a party at night!

How about this radio clock that tells the time and plays music? Read this article to find out more about this item:

LED Lava Lamp Pen

LED Promotional Gift Pen

LED Promotional Gift Pen

These pens bring promotional pens to a whole new level. By having a light up function, these pens are sure to interest your customers. Pens like this are perfect as a marketing gift because they are cheap and highly customizable. Add in some other unique features like a floating logo for example and you can make this gift uniquely yours!

Illuminate your Drink Brand with LED products

LED Cups



What about a LED promotional gift cup that lights up? It will be an extremely interesting way to offer houseguests a drink! These cups are stylish and dynamic and are sure to make a house party the talk of the town!


LED Ice Cubes

LED Ice Cubes

LED Ice Cubes

These ice cubes are the perfect compliment for the LED cup! Imagine having ice cubes that can cool your drink and can light up your drinks at the same time. They are sure to make splash at the party!


LED Ice Buckets

LED Ice Bucket - promotional gift

LED Ice Bucket

LED ice buckets like these are intriguing too! These buckets emit subtle glows in all the colors of the rainbow. In addition to acting as an ice bucket and keeping your drinks nice and cold, it can also serve as a lamp to help light up the room!


LED Coasters

LED Coaster

LED Coaster

The coasters are a really nifty promotional gift as well. Check out this article to find out more about how it works and how you can offer it as a gift item to your customers!

LED Coaster- promotional gift

LED Coaster

If you are a drinks company, LED gifts make great bar promotional ideas too! Check out our most recent blog for more product ideas below:


Cool Technological LED Promotional Gift Items

LED Maracas

Want to make some noise at a party? These maracas are the perfect item for that!  Check out this unique marketing gift by reading this article:

LED Phone Case

LED Promotional Gift Phone Case

LED Promotional Gift Phone Case

People these days are also paying increasingly more attention to having nicer and more unique looking phone cases. LED phone cases like these will make the perfect trendy gifts for your customers! Not only do they come in interesting designs, but they also have a cool LED function that enables the design of the case to change to a variety of colors! One can simply change the color to match their outfits or mood for the day.


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