These LED Maracas are the new big thing in the party scene and are sure to liven up any scene! The maracas are fun, festive and are perfect for both young and old! With the Christmas season coming around the corner, it is a good time to offer unique gift item like this!

LED Maracas

LED Maracas

Read on to find out more about this interesting product!

How do these LED Maracas function?

Inside the maracas are super bright LED’s that light up to create a lovely light effect while making joyous noises to match the rhythm of the funky beats. One can choose to have the lights activated by the press of a button or through motion sensors. With the wide variety of maracas available, you will definitely find a model that suits your marketing budget!

Why offer LED Maracas as a marketing gift?

Firstly, this gift offers a great option for customization! The LED in the maracas comes in wide range of colors and thus you can select the colors that suit your promotion best! If you have a larger marketing budget, you can also consider customizing the shape of the maracas as well!

In addition to that, the LED maracas are also attention grabbing and will ensure that everyone will be looking in its direction. When the maracas have gotten the attention of the other people, they will get to know about your brand! This is excellent, as the great amount of attention will help to improve your brand’s publicity and recognition.

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