Ever stopped in your tracks while shopping for wine halfway due to eye-catching custom wine openers? Well, here’s one! Labernel Yernischel is currently offering a promo gift at Walmart, Zhuhai. With every 2 bottles of red wine purchased, you will get to receive a wine bottle opener. This wine bottle opener is yellow in colour, making it extremely striking from afar. Consumers who are patronizing Walmart would immediately notice this bottle opener. So what are you waiting for? Hurry down to Walmart now and this wine bottle opener would be all yours!

Party All Night with Custom Wine Openers

Party All Night with Custom Wine Openers

Why offer custom wine openers as a promo gift?

Now you must be wondering, why offer a wine bottle opener as a promo gift? Very often, consumers would purchase their wine in anticipation to savor it only to realize that they do not own a wine bottle opener. This would dampen their spirits as they would try every means and ways to open the bottle but to no avail.

This wine bottle opener serves as the perfect gift for wine lovers. It is practical, handy and definitely needed for every occasion, be it to celebrate or commemorate a special day. If you would like to buy a gift that is suitable for house warming or birthday parties, this would be the perfect package to get. All you have to do is to purchase this set of wine for 2 and you would not have to worry about the other party not liking the gift just because they do not have a wine bottle opener. This saves extra costs for those who do not own one from purchasing one.

Also, this wine bottle opener has a sufficient space for branding. The company can easily brand their logo or brand name on the handle or even on the body of the bottle opener itself. So what are you waiting for? Come up with a suitable promo gift for your company’s products today!