Want a new clutch bag to match all your outfits for a date night? Well, get your hands on this extraordinary deal at The Fragrance Shop now! This sleek black Vera Wang Clutch comes decorated with pink, purple and silver embellishments and is perfect for a night out! This offer is only available at The Fragrance Shop, so do get your hands on it now!

Vera Wang Clutch Bag

Vera Wang Clutch Bag

Vera Wang is an American fashion designer based in New York City. She is famous for her wide range of haute couture wedding and bridesmaid gowns.

Why offer a free clutch bag as an incentive product?

Gift with purchase offers always work because people love receiving additional items on top of what they have purchased. People are also willing to spend more in order to receive the free item! This means that your company will experience an increase in sales and revenue!

What makes this promotion even better is that the item being given away is a clutch. A clutch bag is an item that has a high-perceived utility value; therefore people will be even more excited to get their hands on the product. This promotion is sure to be a hit among your customers!

If you are looking to make this promotion more memorable, you can consider making the clutch bag out of recyclable materials. By being environmentally friendly, your company can project a positive image for your company as one that cares for the environment.

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