Nordstorm is currently offering this elegant clutch as gift with purchase for their online shoppers. The elegant-looking clutch would definitely catch the attention of their target audience, the women. Simply make a purchase of $80 worth of BVLGARI Omnia Coral products and you are entitled to this chic gift with purchase promotional item. Quickly make your purchase with Nordstorm now to make sure you do not miss out on such opportunity!

Take a look at the elegant clutch by BVLGARI:

Elegant Gift with Purchase Clutch for a Classy Look

Elegant Gift with Purchase Clutch for a Classy Look

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How will gift with purchase boost sales?

Gift with purchase would act as an incentive to attract people into purchasing your products. People would be willing to spend in order to receive the free gift offered. BVLGARI has put this marketing strategy into their recent promotion, by offering a clutch as their gift with purchase item. Online shoppers could simply receive a classy clutch when they purchase BVLGARI products on Nordstorm. One would definitely be enticed to receive this promotional item since it is pretty and yet still branded with BVLGARI’s brand logo. This would be able to help attract more sales and at the same time, increase profits greatly.

Why the elegant clutch as promotional gift?

By offering a classy and more high-end gift to customers, people would be more attracted to such promotion and willing to spend more as well in order to be able to receive it. To add on, BVLGARI is renowned for their luxury goods, offering a classier promotional item would then be able to match up to their reputation and image.


With BVLGARI’s logo branded on the clutch, this could help increase brand awareness for your company. When users of the clutch carry it all around town, other people would be able to notice the prominent brand logo and learn of BVLGARI’s name. In the long run, it could even create brand loyalty for the clutch users. And the first name that may come to their mind when they think of luxury goods could be very well be BVLGARI! Hurry and get promotional products to boost sales for your company, not forgetting to brand your logo on them!