Thinking of a classy gift with purchase to offer your clients? Take a look at this classy gift with purchase by Elizabeth Arden. By purchasing $70 of Elizabeth Arden products, customers can receive a complimentary 9-piece gift set. The gift set consists of 8 Elizabeth Arden products and one classy golden coloured handbag.  This gift with purchase can be found at David Jones stores in Australia.

This golden coloured handbag is a perfect example of a classy gift with purchase that can be offered to customers. Not only does it fit with the image of the brand, it is also a gift with a high perceived value. It is highly attractive to customers and would be a gift every woman would love to receive.

Be classy with this gift with purchase by Elizabeth Arden

Be classy with this gift with purchase by Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is one of the world’s first global beauty brands. Founded by Elizabeth Arden in 1910, she began selling cosmetics at a salon along Fifth Avenue. The brand is now famous worldwide, catering to the beauty needs of many women daily.

How does a gift with purchase help the company?

A gift with purchase helps to bring in more revenue for the company. You may wonder: How can a gift with purchase bring in more revenue when I am spending money to give items to my customers? Here’s how it works: A gift with purchase would help to attract attention to your products. When your gift with purchase is in high demand, customer would purchase more of your products. When this increase in revenue from the increased sales is enough to offset the cost of providing the gifts, revenue is increased.

Even if you do not manage to make enough additional revenue to cover the cost of the gifts, you can be assured of this: your brand image has been improved. By offering a gift with purchase, your brand would be viewed as being generous. Not only that, customers would feel valued by the brand. This helps to gain more loyal customers which will be beneficial to your business in the long run.

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