With a purchase of $36 worth of Elizabeth Arden product at The Bay Canada online store, you will receive an 8-piece gift, including this classy tote. The cosmetics industry is always bursting with promotional offers like these, and Elizabeth Arden has designed an exclusive tote with their product range to stand out and catch of the eye of all your ladies out there!

Elizabeth Arden Promotional Exclusive Tote

Why does an exclusive tote good for use a promotional gift items?

  • Popularity. An exclusive tote bag functions as a popular gift with purchase item. This is because they are very useful and when designed well, the more likely a customer will continue using the tote in the future, which helps to increase brand awareness.
  • Design. An exclusive tote has a large branding potential. You can change how your bag looks, and what style it wants to represent. For example, to change the overall style of the bag, you can simply design it to use different materials for example PVC, instead of canvas.

    You could also use different textures and colours to compliment those of your brand and logo. Branding can be done in many ways like embossing or we could use metal plate to give an exclusive look.

  • Perceived value. Offering such product with high perceived value will help the company to boost sales. Besides that, branded tote bag will serve as a free advertising platform as users will carry the bag into public places. This will increase your brand awareness and thus market share.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at ODM for more information about our promotional gifts and exclusive totes.

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