Elizabeth Arden is giving away a cosmetic pouch as a promo gift. The cosmetic pouch is useful to store cosmetic items and accessories. Elizabeth Arden markets fashion make-up, treatment products for face and body, bath and after bath products, fragrances, creative beauty kits. This would further increase sales as the market reached is wider than the original target market of women.

Promo Gift by Elizabeth Arden: Cosmetic Pouch

Promo Gift by Elizabeth Arden: Cosmetic Pouch

How promo gift affects sales?

The cosmetic pouch is branded with Elizabeth Arden’s logo. This increases brand awareness for Elizabeth Arden and will attract new customers to purchase their products. The cosmetic pouch has an attractive glittery exterior which attracts attention easily.This will increase the number of repeat purchases and thus, increase sales. Customers will be enticed to spend at least $50 in order to get the cosmetic pouch for free and this will boost sales for Elizabeth Arden.

Cosmetic pouch is an ideal promo gift for your promotional campaign. Promotional advertising may sound complicated but it is absolutely the simplest thing you can do to help advertise for your business. No matter what type of business you are in, you will surely find that right items and logo on them can go a long way in helping increase brand recognition. Promotional products can truly bring success to your company. The returns of increased sales that you receive will far outweigh your investment in the promotional products.

Just a couple of words about this promotion in Russian for our Russian followers:

Очередное суперпредложение от косметического бренда Elizabeth Arden, при покупке косметических продуктов Elizabeth Arden, на сумму от 599 рублей, Вам подарят золотую стильную косметичку! Кроме того, на всех промо-подарках имеется логотип компании, что повысит узнаваемость бренда и привлечёт внимание покупателей к новой линии продукции. Используйте промо-сумки в различных промо-акциях, а компания ODM поможет подобрать наилучший продукт для Вас!