Elizabeth Arden is currently hosting an exclusive online offer for any purchase of $79 and above. It is a 14-piece exclusive gift that includes cosmetics, a mini clutch and a zebra tote bag. A tote bag is a great gift with purchase. It is big and spacious enough to store all your belongings. Besides that, it is also light and convenient to carry around. With it being decorated with eye-catching zebra prints, this tote bag definitely gives out a very exotic look. As such, it is a fashionable bag that is definitely suitable for any occasion. Read on to find out more on how this exotic tote bag is used as a gift with purchase.

Elizabeth Arden's Gift with Purchase - Zebra tote bag

Elizabeth Arden’s Gift with Purchase – Zebra tote bag

Why tote bags as a Gift with Purchase?

Tote bags are very practical gift with high utility value. With its eye-catching design, this tote bag attracts attention to your brand at no additional cost! By utilizing a design like this, it encourages customers to use it frequently. And if imprinted with your brand name, these tote bags are a perfect advertising agent that continues to advertise your brand long after they have been received. Furthermore, tote bags are lightweight and durable as well. Thus it is better off than plastic bags or paper bags that can break easily.

How to increase sales with this Gift with Purchase?

Tote bags generally offer a large branding surface. With this advantage on hand, companies should brand their logo and brand name on to these tote bags. This increases brand recall that encourages customers to make a repurchase of your brand. For instance, if Elizabeth Arden has branded this tote bag, costumers would be reminded of this brand and they would make repeated purchases. As such, not only will it improves their brand name, this tote bag would also boost sales!