Johnnie Walker is giving away a black bag pack as a gift with purchase for its Red Label Whiskey blend. This in-store promotion was spotted at a Philippines Duty Free Store. The bag pack is black in colour and is decorated with different shades of grey. Besides that, it also has a front compartment which allows user to better organize their items.

Gift with Purchase by Johnnie Walker Red Label – Black bag pack

Gift with Purchase by Johnnie Walker Red Label – Black bag pack

Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch Whisky owned by Diageo and originated in KilmarnockAyrshireScotland.  The black bag pack is given away as gift with purchase for their Red Label blend which is an 80 proof (40% ABV) blend of 35 grain and malt whiskies. It is intended for making mixed drinks

Nowadays, bags are quite an overrated gift with purchase. They are often being  used as promotional products or giveaway. Thus, the key point here is to differentiate your bags from those that are in the market. The only way is to be innovative and creative. Read on to find out more!

How to make your bag an effective gift with purchase?

Firstly, try to avoid dull colours. Use bright and attractive colours to make it stand out from the rest. Think Red, Orange and Pink or any bright colours that is equally eye-catching.

Secondly, come out with unique bag designs and try to use a variation of shapes. Use shapes like triangle, circle or any unusual shapes. Incorporate a modern and classy design to give it a higher perceived value.

Lastly, your logo, company name, and contact details are usually included on promotional gift items. This means that your company name is being advertised whenever it is used by users.  This increases the exposure of your brand and help raise brand awareness.

Keep in mind also, as promotional products are often shared at home or in the office, these benefits spread far beyond the initial receiver.

Hence, try to come out with innovative and creative bags to outrun your competitors. Ultimately, this would boost sales and drive revenue for your company!