Valentine’s Day is an occasion to be celebrated with your loved ones. Together with Ferrero Rocher, Mateus sparkling rose wine came up with an in-pack promotion. This promotion was introduced during the Valentine’s Day season in the UK. By purchasing a bottle of Mateus sparkling rose wine, consumers will receive a wine glass together with a pack of 3 Ferrero Rocher chocolates, as shown in the picture below.

In-Pack Promotion: Mateus Wine Glass and Ferrero Rocher

In-Pack Promotion: Mateus Wine Glass and Ferrero Rocher

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by giving chocolates, candies, roses, etc. to their loved ones. Similarly, Mateus sparkling rose wine makes a perfect add-on to this list as well. This in-pack promo would definitely be a great gift to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

Using wine glasses and Ferro Rocher for in-pack promotion

Wine glasses are the perfect promo gifts to be included for the in-pack promotion of Mateus sparkling rose wine. These wine glasses are useful as it can be used to consume the rose wine purchased, and also for other wines. In addition, Ferrero Rocher chocolates are highly sought after, especially during Valentine’s Day to be given as gifts. With these chocolates used as promo gifts, it would definitely be able to attract more customers to purchase this in-pack promotion package.

More consumers would be attracted to purchase this in-pack promotion package from Mateus as the essentials needed for Valentine’s Day celebration are already included in this package. It is suitable, affordable and convenient.

Branding to increase sales

The brand name of Mateus can be imprinted on the wine glasses to boost brand recall. Customers who use these wine glasses can be easily reminded of Mateus. This would in turn generate more future sales for Mateus. Brand awareness is increased as well, especially when these wine glasses are used in parties with many guests around.