What are In-Pack Promotions?

In-Pack promotions are fun and interesting marketing methods that brands use to promote their products. By offering free items, brands are able to differentiate their products from the rest. Unique Custom In-Pack Promotions also make it easier for customers to remember your brand, which could lead to a higher rate of return visits.

When done right, not only this will help companies boost sales, but it can also help increase brand awareness. This is a great way for brands to make use of smart details to make them noticeable.

Below is a Custom In-Pack Promotion by the brand Whyte & Mackay.

Custom In-Pack Promotions 3

Custom In-Pack Promotions 1

This is an excellent example of a custom in-pack promotion because they have put together a promotional gift set which includes a bottle of blended scotch whiskey, and a branded drinking glass. We believe that this is a good marketing strategy because the branded glass is practical and complements the main selling product.


How to Maximise Your Custom In-Pack Promotions:

Understanding your target audience:

It is crucial to know your target market – what do they like and dislike? This makes it easier for brands to customise their in-pack promotions to suit their needs. For example, when marketing cosmetics, you may include a free gift that is suited to their needs and wants – such as a complementary spa treatment.

On top of that, you should also investigate what social media sites your target market is using to increase your online presence. If your target audience are teenagers, you should market on Instagram as this is one of the most popular social media portals for youngsters, while Facebook is popular among a wide range of demographics.



They are highly customisable and the possibilities are endless. It is important that the packaging is attractive to make them appealing to customers. To stand out among competitors and attract consumers, you can promote potential savings. You can also use elaborate or unique designs that will also be able to captivate your audience – reflective or glow-in-the-dark packaging, etc. Consumers will gravitate towards one-of-a-kind Custom In-Pack Promotions that successfully captivates their attention. Here’s an excellent example:

Babycham has used shimmering sequined bottle sleeves and shiny custom branded gift boxes for their promotional gift set. And since they are a brand of sparkling perry, the use of glittering packaging helped them convey their brand message.


Free Promotional Item:

Another way to be distinct and gain a competitive advantage is by providing a free promotional gift. The picture below is a great example by Ron Orgánico. customers will get 2 free mason jars when they purchase this on-pack offer.

Custom In-Pack Promotions 1

Custom In-Pack Promotions 2

What did we learn from this offer? Consumers will be more inclined to purchase a product when it comes with a free gift. Something about free items always gets consumers excited and entice them to make a purchase. Customers find more value in purchasing a bundle (which includes the product and the free gift) compared to only buying one product.

Companies can also provide coupons and vouchers for future purchases – such as ‘10% off next purchase’. This will stimulate first time purchases, repurchases, as well as drive impulse purchase


Engage and Interact:

Another way that companies can maximise their Custom In-Pack Promotions is by using QR codes / quick response bar codes. QR codes allow brands to engage consumers, thus creating a positive shopping experience. Consumers can easily use their smartphone to scan the QR codes. What are QR codes for?

QR codes can lead consumers to a survey – which encourages feedback. This is crucial for future business developments because companies can have a better insight into consumers’ tastes and preferences. This way, brands can further improve their business in order to give their customers the best possible services and products.

Not only can QR codes lead consumers to the company’s website or contact details, but can also bring them to your social media pages – such as Twitter, Instagram, and  Facebook.

Another way that brands can use Custom In-Pack Promotions to interact with customers is to conduct competitions. The brand’s Instagram handle can be listed on the packaging, along with the contest rules. For example, ‘Take a picture of this product and tag 3 friends to stand a chance to win an iPad!’


Crucial Information Only:

Wordy adverts can easily bore your audience. Information overload could push shoppers away from your product. Thus, it is important for brands to only include relevant information, and keeping the packaging clean and simple. This way, potential buyers will not reject the information in your packaging. Information you should highlight are customer loyalty programmes and current promotions.

Custom In-Pack Promotions 2

Custom In-Pack Promotions 3

Mezcal A Trés Caidas is great paired with salt. The promotional gift with purchase is Oaxacan homemade salt for buyers to use it when they are drinking the alcohol. We believe that this is a great marketing strategy because the homemade salt is practical and complements the main selling product as well.


How Can ODM Help?

Interested in making your very own Custom In-Pack Promotion? Here at ODM, our team will ensure you that your promotional products are made according to your requirements. Our specialists and product designers will be able to provide you with interesting designs to promote your products. Feel free to contact us today and learn how you can vastly improve your business!


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