Cereals encourage children to eat breakfast and start the day off healthily. With a multitude of brands (all in similar rectangular boxes) competing on the shelves, the best way to differentiate yourself from competitors is to offer gifts with purchase or in-pack gifts.   Here are 2 examples currently on shelves in Penang, Malaysia.

Cereals & GWP Promotions

Both leading cereal companies, Nestle and Kellogg’s are currently competing on the shelves.   They are offering two different types of promotional items to try and win market share.

Both promotional items will definitely attract children. Both carry their own pros & cons in terms of cost, revenue & gender preferences.

Nestle offer Rio computer CD games, which will grab children’s interest since these licensed CD games tie in nicely with the new movie release. The main set-back to this promotional item is that it may attract more boys than girls since boys are usually the ones playing more computer games.

CDs have a lower production cost compared to the collectible figurines offered by Kellogg’s.

Kellogg’s offer collectible Hello Kitty figurines with 5 different colours. This may have Hello Kitty fans, regardless of their age, purchase it and to come back for more just for the fun of collecting. The arrange such promotional products you may need to open a mould – if this is the case minimum ordering quantity might be an issue.

The targeted customers for such figurines may also be limited to Hello Kitty fans – mainly females.

Want to have the best of both worlds in terms of promotional product offerings?    You could do something more gender neutral and target the parents like the Frosties promo in Hong Kong.