We found this promotional campaign in the United States during one of ODM’s BA sponsored trips. Cheerios, the famous breakfast cereal, is currently promoting its product through on-pack promotional books targeted at both children and their parents – “a book is just the beginning”.

Packaged within each cereal box, find one of 5 different children books as an on-pack promotion. A very smart move from General Mills which conquers the heart of both children and parents with recognized books meant to nurture the habit of reading at an early age:  “From eating healthy to expanding their minds through award winning books, Cherios is your partner”.

This type of promotional campaigns targeting not only the children but also the parents will provide Cheerios with a larger target audience. The books were selected through an online vote early in the year, thus insuring they will effectively be read by children and getting customers involved in the Promotional Product choice.   Great to get early buy in and give customers ownership to this extent.

With 5 different books, the campaign insures repeated purchase will occur for Cheerios while the brand’s image consequently benefits from the company’s decision to offer such items.

A truly fantastic promotional campaign which will certainly benefit Cheerios for the year to come.

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