Cheerios Children Book In-Pack Promotion was definitely an attention-grabbing marketing idea. We found this promotional campaign in the United States during one of ODM’s BA-sponsored trips. Cheerios, the famous breakfast cereal, was promoting its product through on-pack promotional books. The campaign targeted both children and parents. Cheerios brand always believes that “a book is just the beginning”.

Cheerios Children Book In-Pack Promotion

Cheerios Children Book In-Pack Promotion

The packaging of their cereal product indeed added a different appeal for parents and children to avail it. Every pack of the product allowed customers to choose one book from 5 available selections as an on-pack gift.

Truly, General Mills made a smart move on Cheerios Children Book In-Pack Promotion. It definitely captured the heart of both children and parents. The campaign promoted good reading habits at an early age among children. Cheerios proved that they can be parents’ partners in nourishing their children’s bodies by providing healthy food and expanding their minds by giving aways award-winning books.

Cheerios’ In-pack Promotion: Why it Worked?

This type of promotional campaign was very commendable. So, here are the reasons why this promotion became a success.

Cheerios Children Book In-Pack Promotion

Worth the Money

For parents, they certainly found Cheerios Children Book In-Pack Promotion a very practical one. This custom promotional item gave customers more value for money. Instead of purchasing a book in store, they would rather pick a box of cereal products to get a free book. Thus, they might consider buying additional products to get another freebie.

Promote Learning

As parents, who don’t want to see their children learning? Of course, all parents want the best for their kids. Anything that may help nourish and enhance their kid’s ability is very favorable for them. Cheerios Children Book In-Pack Promotion obviously promotes learning among children thus, it became a very successful promotional campaign for the brand.

Target the Right Audience

Cheerios absolutely targeted the right audience. They came up with a perfect in-pack gift to promote the product since they already know who would be their primary consumers. Moreso, they have selected the right books to include in the pack. The books were selected through an online vote early in the year, thus ensuring they will effectively be read by children.

With 5 different books, the campaign ensured repeated purchases and the brand’s image certainly benefited from the company’s decision to offer such items.

Our Key Takeaways

Books will never get out of style. They are still a very ideal source of learning even in this generation where technology prevails. Hence, Cheerios also believe in the ability of books to educate children. Being inspired by this, Cheerios is committed to bringing promotional campaigns like this.

How Can ODM Help?

With over a decade of experience in the promotional product industry, ODM can help you with your promotional needs. Should you need to conduct a promotional product as the one Cheerios used, we would be glad to design and outsource it for you. From the packaging design up to customized promotional merchandise, we can do the work for you. You may send us an email to know more about our services offered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use On-Pack Promotions in my Business?

On-pack promotion is one of the most convenient marketing strategies nowadays, as it immediately identified by customers when the promo is included in the packaging. This is also a great promotional activity that business might consider for their brand to stand out.

What are the Advantages of a Good On-Pack Promotion?

An effective on-pack promotion generates sales and gains customers. It also promotes brand awareness and increases brand visibility. Furthermore, it creates satisfied customers.

How Do I Choose the Best On-Pack Gift Promotion for My Customers?

In order to come up with the best on-pack gift for your customers, you have to identify their needs first. In this way, you will be able to cater to their tastes and preferences. Secondly, think of your product's usability. You may conduct a short survey to hear feedback from them. Lastly, allot proper budget. An on-pack gift should not be expensive, yet the quality must not be sacrificed.