Interesting Box Set Promotion at Heathrow duty free in England.  This innovative and very curvacious Vodka by U’Luvka promotes sales with innovative promotional gifts.

This vodka is from Poland.  Whilst it is acclaimed for its specific taste and smoothness, it is also well known for  its ingenious packaging.  U’Luvka are currently offering 10CL bottle in mini gift set with 2 exceptional sculpted shot glasses.

This gift with purchase gives the brand a very high end appeal – and it can definitely count on its original bottle shape to attract curious onlookers. Not only does it increase the visibility of the brand while on POS display but the hand blown bottle appears very elegant in the lighting with pure white vodka contrasting well when packaged with black Neoprene carrying case.

Standing out of the ordinary is definitely something companies should look to do. At ODM we always try to provide customers with tailored-made solutions that will really make them unique.

For more on standing out, watch this interesting video from marketing guru Seth Godin.