We recently visited Best Buy in New York and were very pleased to see a strong off line toy presence in the online games section.   It seems that one of the best ways to differentiate your online content (Sold as just a CD) is to have cool and innovative offline toys and accessories packaged to make the game more special.

Movie DVD sales are also boosted by giving away great on-pack promotions such as thisThomas the Tank Promo.  Music CD sales can also be bouyed by gifting as we can see with this Beattles CD Set with Die Cast Promos.

Here are some images from the store….

Sword Play & Fighting Games

Fishing Games – Reeling in Fish.Sword Play & Fighting Games – This time Asian Style with Samurai Sword and GWP in shape of Game Character.Nintendo offering free Case with Purchase of Game. Scooby Doo making the most of their Iconic Van.Tony Hawk Game -high end balancing board.   ODM made mini skateboards a few years ago for their earlier versions of the game.Mini Promo Figrines get young kids interested – Great Promo as the toy really has a strong brand character.