It has been two weeks since the closing of the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair and yet we still talking about all of the interesting items showcased during the show.

These mini sized table games are perfect when organizing events in which you want attendees to have a good time and remember your brand.. Print your logo on the Center of the game.

Those mini replica of table games ie. Ping Pong, Football, Pool or Air Hockey are exactly like the real thing…except they are 1/4 the size, measuring about 50cm in length and 30cm in width. They can easily be transported or moved on short notice and in great quantity if needed. All you need is a table or surface to lay your mini table games and let the fun begin!

This can be a great idea to occupy an unused spot in a bar, an office break room or anywhere the envy of challenging a friend for a game hits you! Additionally you can customize your tables if you desire to exhibit your logo or any other message and remind players of your brand.

Games always convey a good vibe about your brand and company, mainly because they provide enjoyment and fun to users. If you are interested in similar items, please do not hesitate to contact the ODM team and we will provide you with more detailed information about the product.

These are the ultimate Beer Promos to launch a new drink onto the market.   How about using these on a Redemption campaign or as lucky draw gift targeting students?