ODM is pleased to offer a whole range of custom puzzles. Photos here show a Model building games in 3 dimensions for the pleasure of all.

Showcased extensively during the Hong Kong Toys And Games fair, 3D puzzles & Replicas have been proving very popular recently. Sports Merchandising, Tourist gifts, Architectural models – so many possibilities.

The new dimension adds a great deal to the complexity but also to the fun and the challenge pertaining to usual puzzles. You can no longer simply search for the cut out piece matching the blatant hole but are now challenged to find the piece allowing for your whole structure to hold together.

Unlike the old standard, 3D puzzles brings life to the subject, be it a monument, an animal or a vehicles. You can then showcase your achievements to everybody by displaying your finished puzzle anywhere.

We all love to be confronted to a challenge from type to time, and we love it even more when we can show to everybody how we surpassed it.

If the 3D puzzle experience is something that might be interest you, please do not hesitate to contact ODM in order to experience something really different.

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