Turbo Jet Sangoku-den Purchase with Purchase Promo..

TurboJET is currently holding a Purchase with purchase promo. Purchase any regular fare ticket on ferry service to Macau, customers are entitled to redeem a limited edition SD Gundam BB Warrior model kit at only HK$18.

There are six types of SD Gundam BB Warrior Figurines that consumers can choose from.  Behind this puzzles are places of attractions in Macau that helps remind consumers of the place they once visited, a form of branding for your country as well. With this promotional gift, tourists will switch their purchase and choose TurboJET ferry instead.

Turbo Jet Sangoku-den Promotional Model Kits...

This is a great marketing and advertising strategy to attract more customers by creating links between tourist attractions and well known figurines. Some customers may not be fans of Gundam but with the attractions of Macau, they may still collect it as a souvenir. They could also give it to their kids as well, a win-win situation for both parties. By having 6 different designs, consumers will aim to collect all collectibles and this will help to drive sales greatly.

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