At the HK toys and games fair, specially designed ODM-3D Paper Puzzle showcased.   This promotional giveaway can easily be customised to different shapes – iconic buildings/sports venues/product replicas or dummys/licensed characters etc…

Each new design requires a mould and our factory recommends that MOQ for new mould development should be 5000 pcs.

Replicas can be very complex or as simple as 3 pieces of paper puzzle panel( 21*28cm), wheels and axle parts for a simple truck.   Customers can assemble a replica easily!  Packaged in an OPP bag with a hangable top and instruction leaflet to educate first time users

  1. Flexible – light and easy to store
  2. Simple to fix
  3. Adjustable to many colours
  4. Paper as its main ingredient – easily customizable at low cost
  5. Customizable for any event like World cup, Olympics, campaigns or festive seasons like Christmas & Chinese New Year

ODM can ehance the replicas by giving them a thicker paper/cardboard platform with sticker on the bottom, so that it would be a perfect display with additional space for logo and not easily blown away..

Although a polyresin Stadium replica produces finer details compared to 3D puzzle paper replicas, this option suited for companies promoting eco friendly products and is a cheaper alternatives for giveaways.