Looking at the “Back to School“trends this year, we are seeing many students carrying a big cookie as their school bag or having biscuit pencil cases.   Lollipops or even sweet keychains are also on show.  The trend of using replica food items for promotional products is on the rise and below are some ideas.

If your company is in the food and beverage industry, this promotion method is one of the best ways to approach new customers, to have all your customers thinking about your products whenever they have them by their side. On the left is an ideal promotional product and on-pack-gift you can offer your customers in order to increase exposure.

Potential clients could drool all over your items especially when they are made up as a plush toy.  Plush has the advantage of being a cut and sew product meaning that we can do custom product runs of as little as 1000 pcs.

Add sound to these plushes if you like. Restaurants favorite orders may be made into cuddly plush / MP3 players for increased interaction and higer perceived value.

As mentionned in our earlier post, with Christmas approaching in 3 months time, your company may need to do something not just to grab your customers attention but also to get them coming back for more. See more Customised Promotions ideas below…

Companies may consider having these Erasers as collectible items for customers – cheap and easy to customise (see image on left)..  On the right you can see Pencil Cases using images of packaging of your food items. This will definitely make your customers crave your food all the time.

Easiest to produce and a necessity good that everyone needs in their bags – Pens (these made in Polyresin). Bags are constantly visible and provide free advertising for the companies whenever customers are carrying them around.  More bag ideas on the right side picture.

Promotional Key chains can be infused with the smell of your restaurant food to make for unique scented promotions.  We also like this pillbox/sweetbox with cake imagery on top.

Finally, how about these delicious looking plush toys that can be separated piece-by-piece to make a cushion set.  Just goes to show there is no end to the customisation opportunities when making promotions around the food business.

Simply contact us with your ideas or ask our design team to help you come up with new ideas to promote your latest food products..

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