We all know Chupa Chups for its large variety of lollipops, be it normal sized or XXL.  What most of us are not aware of is it’s increase in merchandising product line.  Not only are they offering lollipops but also bags, clothes, footwearfragrance gel, lip gloss and even pet accessories.

ODM Procurement Services work with Multinational companies to expand their product range when competitors in the same market start to mount up. This consists of product design and development, factory audits, production management, merchandising & fulfilment all to differentiate our customers brand.

Other than products, Chupa Chups realizes the importance of online business by having a very interesting website that coordinates well with their theme which is playful, innovating and fresh. It’s colors and details definitely target their customers well.

A less serious side with Chuck, Chupa Chups’ first global mascot, with his own blog and a series on TVC.  This manages to bring Chupa Chups to a level higher than its competitors. With Chuck spreading the ideology of life less serious through commercials or short video clips, taking a look at everyday moments where people overreact, Chupa Chups has created a very successful marketing campaign that children and even adults will remember.

Thinking of bringing your company a level higher than your competitors? Contact us and let us have the pleasure to do it with you just like the lollipop, “a simple idea with great demand”.

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