Chupa Chups, the Spanish candy brand, has launched a promotional silicon watch alongside its signature lollipop. This is not the first time Chupa Chups ventured into watches as an advertising method to reach out to its market – See Promotional Watch Trend Analysis.

The promotional mechanism is not quite clear from the advertising – from our experience with watches, our guess is that client will use a purchase with purchase promo for every Chupa Chups Can as pictured in the background.

Vibrant Colours coordinate well with its "Life Less Serious" theme

Colours are once again Chupa Chups’ recipe to success. Known to inject psychedelic shades into its marketing campaigns, this time is no exception. We love the overall design of the watch, with the familiar Chupa Chups logo and a whimsical sonic backdrop on the dial to its chromatic combination – this is retro at its finest.

Who says we have to be serious to be effective? Chupa Chups knows how to have fun whilst at the same time, effectively promoting their much loved lollipops. “Life Less Serious” indeed…

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