umbrella promotion

Epson and Manchester United recently partnered with each other as part of a global sponsorship campaign

Umbrella promotion is a fine marketing strategy that you can never go wrong with. It can be used when it is raining. It is also totally handy when the sun is shining and you do not want to soak up all the UV radiation it produces. This is among the many marketing gifts we have seen in an annual gadgets event in Hong Kong.

That event is particularly known as Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival, one of the biggest consumer electronics fair in the region. It features numerous technology companies with products that range from computer accessories to laptops, tablets and camera-related promotional products at competitive prices.


Must-See: Umbrella Promotion

Marketing items are given away as a gift with purchase during the span of the fair to help competing firms attract more consumers to their stalls.

One brand that has done that was the Japanese firm Epson. For this special affair, the company had set up an umbrella promotion at their booth upon purchase of their laserjet printers for a limited period of time. Featuring the Manchester United logo against the black fabric of the umbrella, the promotional giveaway advertises Epson’s global sponsorship for the football club.

This partnership helps transfer positive association to the brand. Not to mention, it encourages more fans of the football club to purchase Epson printers while visiting the fair. For the reason that this gift with purchase promotion is limited to only the first 200 Epson customers, this exhibits exclusivity and increases the umbrella’s perceived value.



Epson’s umbrella promotion is not the only marketing strategy we have covered at ODM that has the logo of Manchester United on it. There are branded street signs and promotional scarfs in our blog too, among others. You can have the same thing – and more – manufactured for your brand when you contact us today.