Lipton has unveiled a massive new promotional campaign in Nigeria, where consumers purchase special treasure hunt ‘packs’, to win amazing prizes. The prizes are as follows:

  • Star Prize: 2 Hyundai i-10 Cars
  • Other Prizes: 25 laptops, 20 iPads, 2,000 Lipton flasks, 5,000 Lipton tea mugs, 1,000 Lipton t-shirts, 2,000 Lipton notebooks, 100,000 Lipton exercise books, 600,000 Lipton pens, 100,000 packs of Lipton Yellow Label Tea.

Treasure hunt promotional campaign

This kind of concept of promotion is perfect for any size company, as the promotion has over 700,000 of its own branded promotional products in the campaign.

Although some smaller companies may not be financially capable of constructing a campaign on this scale, the concept can be minimised to suit the sze of the company and country.

Here Lipton uses promotional T-Shirts, Pens, Exercise Books, Flasks and Tea Mugs. However a company could include scarves, umbrellas , or unique promotional gifts.

It is especially good if the companies focus some products to be complimentary to their own products, as seen here with Liptons choosing a promotional Tea Mug and Flask, so that consumers can put their product in it.

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