This is a current promo at Centurymart store Shanghai, a nice gift with purchase from LIPTON.

For the purchase of a 20 teabag box from LIPTON at 21.80 RMB (about 3.3 USD), customers will get an amazing on-pack gift mug. This promotional gift with purchase is colourful and very eye-catching, successfully encouraging customers to buy tea from this brand.

LIPTON is a very popular brand in China, offering lots of different styles of promotional mugs. Very curious about their Marketing and Advertising strategy and wanting to give our clients some new ideas, we decided to contact the factory in charge of their promotional mugs production. They have kindly sent us some different styles of mugs that the Scottish brand tea currently owned by Unilever produce for their clients. There are many different shapes and sizes, types and styles to choose from for a promotional mug and it is a form of expressing your brand. You can choose among various material such as plastic, steel and enamelled metal mugs for those who need an unbreakable mug or Ceramic mugs for the high quality (earthenware, bone china, porcelain or stoneware).

This promotional item can be branded, imprinted with colorful advertisements on it, or even with your mascot. Some styles are glossy and colorful, metallic or in the traditional black and white and it is also very common to imprint an actual picture. There is even a way to design your mug to magically appear and disappear with a hot beverage like the color changing mug. Your promotional mugs can be boxed up, or gift-tagged, or both to give the Highest perceived value to your customers.

Your promotional products choice will reflect how much you value your business and your customers. ODM can help you to carry out your promotional campaign or promo product launch successfully by helping you make the best choice for your brand image. Increase the chances of expanding your business and contact our buying office – sourcing office staff in China always looking for new ideas.

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See also Tea Tool / Tea Tool UK Site / Tea Tool Facebook page.  Why not also visit the Lakeland store for ordering a perfect Christmas gift..


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