Timeless promotional product – Promotional mugs

Promotional mugs have been used for years as a staple promotional product. This is for good reason, they bring brand exposure to the next level. Used as sports merchandise, promotional mugs can be used to activate your brand. Barcelona (FCB) have used a mug as sports merchandise to great effect here, innovating in design by adding a football to the mug.

Timeless promotional item - Promotional Mugs

Timeless promotional item – Promotional Mugs

Making your promotional mug memorable is a great way to bring about brand activation. You consumer will have your brand in mind when they use the mug on a daily basis for their morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Promotional Mugs – What are the benefits and how can your business use them?

Branded mugs are not only useful for sports merchandise. They can be used for any brand as they are so great for customization with unique moulds and unique print. Why not match the mug to your corporate colours and use them to brand the office?

  • Gift with purchase – Using a mug as a gift with purchase drives sales. Not only does it add value to your product, but it also makes it stand out on the shelf. Impulse purchase is a result of this.
  • Purchase with purchase – Similar to gift with purchase, this can be used as a purchase with purchase. If you want a high end mug with the utmost quality, you can add value to your product via purchase with purchase.
  • Variety – Embrace variety, standard mugs can go unnoticed. Design something unique, or get us to do it for you!

    Timeless promotional item - Promotional Mugs

    Timeless promotional item – Promotional Mugs

  • Corporate Gift – Promotional mugs as corporate gifts are great. They are an everyday office item, on the desk of every employee. We can imagine freight companies wanting their brand to be memorable, why not offer it to your consumers in office. Great as shipping merchandise.
  • Promotional Giveaway – Driving your social media presence is often a challenge for modern marketers. Using a giveaway such as a promotional mug is a great way to drive those re-tweets, likes and shares. Expose your brand online with great branded mugs.

ODM has over 10 years of experience sourcing products from China. Let us know your 2016 marketing plans, or if you need to use up your 2015 budget. If your interested in the topic of gift with purchase in particular. We have an ever expanding portal on this with advice on the topic.

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