As much as purchasing tendencies have relocated over to digital, the entire gaming industry seems to be one of continual flourish.


It is of no surprise then that gaming companies and retailers are repetitively employing limited edition promotional merchandise throughout their marketing manoeuvres. Here’s an example of Just Causes pre-order limited edition tin:

Limited Edition Promotional Merchandise: Gaming

Limited Edition Promotional Merchandise: Gaming

Why we like this promotional merchandise?

  • High Quality. The products on offer are of genuine worth and this can only assist with an increase of perceived value which should then encourage a stimulation of sales.
  • Merges both worlds. The products on offer are both physically tangible and digital (in-game) limited edition pieces of kit. This hits both sweet spots for a potential consumer and indeed collector, further adding to perceived value.
  • Keeps in line with brand theme. The items aren’t randomly allotted, they all align with the story line and overall brand themes. This is essential when offering promotional merchandise as discrepancy can lead to issues with brand image.
Limited Edition Promotional Merchandise: Gaming

Limited Edition Promotional Merchandise: Gaming

Why use promotional merchandise?

  • Increase sales. Offering limited edition, high quality products will help increase customers perceived value and as seen time and time again should encourage additional sales. Just Cause here opt to offer this collectors tin as an on pack promotion with a pre-order of the game.
  • Varied product portfolio. A plastic case with a disk inside can’t be considered one of the most visually alluring items. Therefore, as a gaming producer, or any brand to that, being able to diversify the products you offer is a great mechanism.
  • Increasing brand awareness. This is a great way to get your brand out there and generate some word-of-mouth. If the products on offer are of high quality and are seen to hold some value then this can only help with brand recognition.

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