If you haven’t seen this gaming merchandise by Candy Crush, then you should check this out! Candy Crushers will definitely love these cool colorful items from their favorite online game.  This range of merchandise presented in the UK market recently.

Gaming Merchandise by Candy Crush Vibrant and Engaging

Gaming Merchandise by Candy Crush Vibrant and Engaging

No doubt, the game’s popularity is due in part to their strong marketing activity. During the recently held Brand Licensing Europe trade show, the brand wowed the public with their original and unique promotional products including Rossi ice cream, swimsuit, necklace, plushie, and kitchen items.

If you have an online game or app to promote, here are some ideas you might want to copy for future marketing campaigns. Listed below are the merchandise ideas from Candy Crush and why we love them.

Cool Gaming merchandise by Candy Crush

  • Candy Crush Partnered Products: Rossi has recently released Candy Crush ice creams in the market. The flavors are Bubblegum Surprise, Chocolate Mountain, and Marshmallow Delight. Beside the ice cream tubs are swimsuit and phone case from Moschino, an Italy-based fashion brand. Partnering with these brands is a great way to promote this popular online game across a wide range of audience. Likewise, both Moschino and Rossi benefited from the commercial success of Candy Crush. It’s a win-win for the three companies.
Gaming Merchandise by Candy Crush Vibrant and Engaging

Gaming Merchandise by Candy Crush Vibrant and Engaging

  • Plush Toy: The use of promotional plush toys is a powerful way to get your target audience to patronize your brand. In this case, Bubblegum Troll, a character from Candy Crush Saga looks as if waving to the audience to come and visit their booth. Plushies are ideal for trade show marketing because they appeal to both kids and adults. It makes a fantastic token for booth visitors as customers can take them home and keep them for years. Thus, developing stronger connection with your brand.
  • Necklace: Colorful and fun to look at, this Candy Crush necklace is a great gift with purchase or trade show giveaway. Kids will love the simple yet chic design. Wearable promotional items are great for marketing as they make customers walking advertisements.

Other Useful Gaming Merch from Candy Crush

  • Baking Kit: You can see that the vibrant custom silicone baking moulds are shaped like candies. There’s also a box of mug brownie mix which looks yummy judging from the packaging. Baking enthusiasts and parents who love to bake sweet delights for their kids will surely be excited to have this kit. Since customers are always looking for high-utility products, this set will make great Gift with Purchase or on-pack gift item for Household Promotions.
  • Toiletry Bag: The brand also featured its own toiletry bag for grooming essentials. It’s compact and small but is highly customizable. It targets teenagers, girls, and boys who want to always look their best. The flexibility of this product gives the brand greater marketing edge over its competitors.
Gaming Merchandise by Candy Crush Vibrant and Engaging

Gaming Merchandise by Candy Crush Vibrant and Engaging

  • Kitchen Items: Candy Crush glass place mat, scales and ice moulds’ vibrant design is truly eye-catching. The brand visuals are remarkable, plus there was a small Candy Crush brand name printed on the upper corner of the scales and place mat. Materials are sturdy and prints are clear. This ensures longevity of your gift.

Candy Crush just proved that promotional products are vital for the success of your business. Exploring various media also made their campaign effective and engaging. They used various household items, toys, wearable items and food companies to form a long-lasting connection with their market.

We absolutely love the flexibility, usefulness, and uniqueness of the above-mentioned products as gaming merchandise. If you want to make your business a success, feel free to contact ODM. We design, source and manufacture quality promotional products that your customers will love.

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Why do you need gaming merchandise?

Using gaming merchandise helps promote your brand and spreads awareness. Also, the purchase of these merchandise equals increased sales for your brand and more revenue.