Micromania is a leading game retailer with 332 stores in France. The company strives to build a strong brand reputation and strengthen their position as market leader. Below are some exclusive collections and branded marketing items found their game promotions.


The first promotion by Micromania  is for the Assassin’s Creed Unity game. The exclusive collector item includes: a figurine of Arno (key character) standing proudly on a gargoyle, an exclusive collector’s box with a beautiful background design, the official soundtrack of the game, and 45 minutes of digital content with an additional solo mission.

Micromania Game Promotions

Micromania Game Promotions


Murdered soul suspect is an action stealth  game which requires detective skills in solving the mystery. Micromania’s  promotion includes a secret book made from the game which comes in a limited edition box packaging. The player can solve the murder mystery by reading the secret diary and confidential files of the murder, both included in the promotion.

Micromania Game Promotions

Micromania Game Promotions

For Micromania’s summer campaign, they ran a promotion for their portable game console and accessories. Their customers will get a pair of headphones for free with every purchase of selected game console. On top of that, customers will receive free Micromania branded Frisbee or ball with each purchase of 40 Euro dollars worth in games and accessories.

How can you strengthen your brand reputation with the use of game promotions?

You can strengthen your brand reputation by offering unique collectors items just like Micromania. The game promotions acts as an additional incentive for fans to purchase from you. If your offers are similar to other promotions, price sensitive customers will have the leverage to purchase from your competitors. You can offer high quality items to differentiate your brand from others and strengthen brand reputation. Examples of game promotion items include memorabilia and figurines. These items can be valuable when kept for a certain period.

Another promotional effort you can implement is offering gift with purchase (GWP) on complementary products. Mircomania gave free headphones to their customers which allows cross selling of other in-store items. You can see the fantastic branding opportunity from the free branded merchandise. The frisbee and ball are a low cost advertising tool. which you can utilize in spreading brand awareness and increase brand visibility. All in all, these efforts will contribute in strengthening brand reputation for your company.

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