Next Month will be the official release date for the final season of the hit TV show, Game Of Thrones. With this Huge release, like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings before it, the well loved fantasy series creates opportunities for an array of promotional products that can be branded with the name. Game of Thrones Merchandising offers companies the chance to open up their products to the mass market of fans that love the books and series.


Game Of Thrones Merchandise

Game Of Thrones Merchandise

Why promote your company with Game Of Thrones Merchandise?

  • So long as it is anything to do with the GOT fantasy word; be it swords, shields, symbols or flags you can promote your company in anyway you’d like using their famous brand name on your product.
  • Game of Thrones is known by almost everyone. The brand and merchandise have a long standing name among those that follow the series as well as those that are new to it. Even if you don’t have any interest in the name then you will certainly know someone who does. Because of this, it has a huge and powerful influence over everyone, and offers the opportunity for small and large businesses alike to be propelled into promotional success.

  • The main way in which the books and series grew with popularity was through word of mouth being an instant hit and successful campaign. Because of this, it can also mean that your brand will be the talk of the next shopping trip or trade show.Furthermore the Costs for marketing your promotional product, once the Game Of Thrones Merchandise has been obtained, offers somewhat of a lower cost as everyone will recognize and discuss your offer and the series.
  • For those that are into their TV and film actors, or just know a few actors or actress’s , this can promote your brand further through associating them with your company and therefore creating somewhat of a premium image attached with these people.
  • As it is the final series it can be seen as the biggest one out them all, having mass promotion behind it and overall excitement with fans for what is to come. In addition HBO have already built the massive client base your promotion will be associated with.
  • The promotional goods can be used for either the customers themselves that already buy from your company or as a gift for others who are interested in Game of thrones. This opens up more potential for your company to get across it’s products as it interests multiple clients that would like to work with either their brand or yours. In the end this means that they’ll have to speak to your company either way – building a network no matter the reason of discussion.

ODM offer a huge range of promotional products that can be branded and merchandised with any series, book or film within reason. If you have a great promotional idea or would like one of our designers to create you the next best promo, Contact us today.

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