The use of electronic devices such as phones and laptops while traveling are on the rise. However the biggest problem faced with modern day travel is the lack of preparation when it comes to connecting your devices to the main electrical source, rendering your device useless.

A promotional travel adapter like this on the other hand offers customers a fantastic opportunity to not only keep these devices going while they wait for their next adventure, but allows them to use any plug shape they want without the burden of searching for another.

Promotional Travel Adapter

Promotional Travel Adapter

As planes, trains and buses companies like megabus increase their availability to plug in a range of devices; this creates the problem of not only having to have the right plug for when you are at your destination, but needing the correct plug while you travel there also.

What We Like about this Promotional Travel Adapter:

  • Range of Colours – Huge range of bright and attractive colours to chose from that can be suited to your brand or logo. As well as this they can be very eye catching and interest the customer easily.
  • Multipurpose Plug Socket – Not just being like most other travel adapters whereby there is the set input for your country and then the set output for your destination, this promotional travel adapter allow the use of any plug as an input. This gives a great advantage over other adapters as it increases the number of countries that can use it.
  • Diverse inputs – Not only does this promotional travel adapter have a plug socket input but it has two USB ports also to allow even more electronic products to be used with it. Furthermore as USB ports are universal this also offers not only a universal plug socket but another universal input also.
  • Branding – As they are bigger than normal travel adapters this gives more space for branding and customization. Increasing the potential for brand exposure.

Here at ODM we create a range of products, from promotional travel adapters to plush toys. If you are interested in creating a promotional product for your company or brand please contact us today for a quote. For this product in particular please use the code: ODM-1045.

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