A special edition release for wrestling fans. Coming soon to UK market is the special edition WWE 2K14 Phenom Edition which is the latest games promotion from the enormously successful WWE Franchise. Available at GAME in the UK from the 1st November 2013 at a retail price of £79.99. The game is exclusive to Xbox 360 and features a number of special additions in the box set.

  • WWE2K14 Phenom Edition game in custom shaped coffin-tin to represent the Undertaker.
  • A “personally signed” art card by the Undertaker.
  • A decorative controller skin.
  • The Streak DVD: disc one of the WWE Undertaker.
  • Exclusive downloadable and playable version of Undertaker, dressed as his American Badass gimmick from Ultimate Warrior 2000-2003.
  • DLC bonus of the Ultimate warrior.
Special Edition WWE 2K14 Phenom Edition

Special Edition WWE 2K14 Phenom Edition

The Attraction of Special Edition Games – WWE 2K14 Phenom Edition

Special edition games are as they suggest “special”. They feature a host of design attributes and physical bonuses that are not found on the standard release issued versions. Hence making them game sets that fans simply must get their hands on. What counts most is ‘what’s in the box’ and ‘what’s in the box’ of the Phenom Edition are goodies that appeal on a personal level with the WWE fan or gamer. Often goodies found in special edition sets are collectible  items, figurines, clothing or other merchandise. In the Phenom Edition the goodies of bonus and exclusive footage and playable versions aim to make the gamer feel ‘special’ by giving priority access to limited edition and unseen before material. By providing additional gaming material the game brand and game publisher are able to create a stronger bond with the gamer that influences future behaviour and strengthen brand loyalty and encourage positive reference to other games. To conclude – the whole case that the special edition game comes in is also of center importance in this edition as it should be in all special editions. It should be  eye-catching, large enough to fit all the goodies inside, the design should be related to the game and it should have a useful purpose such a decoration or as container premium storage. The metallic coffin-box gives honour to one of wrestling’s biggest stars ‘The Undertaker’ and makes a great decorative and/or storage item.